Monday, January 3, 2011

Salut Café

Dear yoga and food enthusiasts,

Happy Happy New Year!

I am starting this blog at the beginning of this year to share my experience as a yogi (yoga teacher) and a flogger (food blogger).

Salut means "hello" in French and it's very commonly used in the yoga asanas, think Sun Salutation while Café is a place where people hang out with friends and especially with good food. Hence, the name of this blog is born!

Like most of you, I love to practice yoga as a mean to distress myself from the hectic life we now live in. And because food is the source of life and we need to eat well to sustain a healthy life, I would love to share some simple and healthy recipes that I have tried and tested with you.

With this blog, I can combine my two passions--yoga and food into this humble blog of Salut Café.

Salut and namaste!